Liz Dodson graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and she received her BS and MS Art Education degrees from the University of Minnesota. After living two years in South Africa during the 80’s, she traveled for 14 months through 26 countries.  

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In 2003 Liz, video artist, curator, social activist, co-president of the MN Women’s Caucus for Art, WCA . Her artwork.has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. She served on the WCA National Board, and was appointed with Jeanne Philipp to serve as co-chairs of the WCA New Media Committee. Liz brought ten years of WCA board experience, WCA Midwest regional leadership and development as well as media work with Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, WILPF to the committee. She curated WCA New Media Video Shorts Exhibitions in Atlanta, Seattle, New York and LA. In 2004 Dodson and Philipp co-shared a College Art Association, CAA Conference session “Negotiation Collaboration in Aesthetics and Social Change” in Seattle.  


Liz received a Puffin Grant for her video artwork in 2004 and 2009.   Outcomes from that puffin grant were further curated exhibitions“A Place at the Table” exhibitions in Chicago, in 2007 and the Michigan WCA Chapter in Ann Arbor, MI in 2008.

Some of her curated art exhibitions that included her artwork, Elements 2000 , video/sculpture installation, a collaboration with her sculptor son, James Brenner was exhibited in NYC and traveled to the Art/ Technology Museum in Connecticut.  Another video/sculpture collaboration H2O Pixel Pixilated was installed at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY in 2007. These were part of a series of mother/son art collaborations, including one in the Women and Water Rights Exhibition, WWR, titled Restoring Balance, 2010 at the Katherine E.Nash Gallery, U of MN, in Minneapolis, MN., another later that year in Rochester, MN.  The Restoring Balance II version has traveled to Saint Paul, MN, Houghton MI and Hudson WI. Also, the Restoring Balance I and II, video/sculpture installations, were part of the Boundary: Art and Life Exhibition shown internationally in Tianjin, China, 2013, and then in another exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum there in China, 2014. In 2016 they exhibited again in Tianjin Museum in, Tianjin China.

As co-coordinator, she curated the Women and Water Rights Exhibition at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, in 2010, on women and water activist issues, the website is available at Because of the tremendous response to this exhibition she has been asked to be on the steering committee and include another art installation for both the Sustainable Acts Mother Earth Embrace Exhibition, SAMEE in 2015/16, on the MN St.Paul Campus and served as a planer and consulter of the Women and Money Exhibition, 2016, at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery.

Liz has four sons and a large extended family. She lives, curates exhibitions and creates artworks in Minneapolis, MN.