Women and Water

The project recognizes that we are at a global water crisis and seeks to present the predicaments and creative interventions.

The Women and Water Rights (WWR) addresses the precarious state of the world's fresh water supply and global need for gender mainstreaming in water management. Through an art exhibition and related programs, WWR underscores the message that water access is a universal human right.

For more information visit: www.womenandwater.net

Guidelines for WWR Exhibitions

Create a multi-faceted conceptualization of the central role women have played, are playing and must play in the preservation for all living beings of the world's fresh water supply. 

The WWR exhibitions work by national and international artists who are investigating water rights as subject and material in their work, using new technologies as well as traditional media.  It features an invitational and juried exhibition of artwork from artists residing in the five states that form the basin of the Upper Mississippi and an international call for video work. In addition, an international mail art exhibition of adult and student locally and globally resulting from a worldwide call is in the adjacent Quarter Gallery in the Department of Art.